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Tour of the dune landscape Neeltje Jans

The island of Neeltje Jans is an artificially constructed island created for the construction of the Oosterscheldekering. In addition to Delta Park Neeltje Jans, you will find a beautiful dune landscape on this island with diverse flora and fauna. On the North Sea side, there is a “slufter”, a sand plain behind the dunes where seawater flows in. Partly because of this you come across versatile vegetation including the well-known and delicious samphire. On the Oosterschelde side, there is a small tidal pond area with a bird island.

All sorts of breeding colonies occur on this bird island, such as those of silver and black-backed gulls but also other typical coastal birds such as oystercatchers and shelducks. The (for in this area) rare birds such as the little tern and ringed plover are regularly seen on Neeltje Jans. This unique nature reserve is also the resting area of ​​many other types of water and wading birds that you can encounter during this special tour.

There are several beautiful hiking trails in the dune landscape of Neeltje Jans. During the tour, you will take a beautiful walk with the nature guide and he will tell you a fascinating story about the origin of this island and show you the most special places.

This tour can only be booked in combination with a visit to the park and a minimum of 15 people.

If you would like more information or book please contact by email to [email protected]. Costs are €135 per guide (maximum 25 people).

Tour of the dune landscape Neeltje Jans

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