Sea Lion Show

In the distance you can hear the roar of the stars of this show. The sea lions can’t wait to show you their tricks. Throughout this educational show, you will hear all about these elegant animals, and learn more about the behaviour of sea lions, what they eat, for how long they can hold their breath, and much more. And of course they will show you the various acrobatic jumps they can make. Sea lions are not only agile in the water but also on land. You never know; the trainer might give you the chance to feed a fish to a sea lions.

The sea lion shows can be seen several times a day. Upon arrival at the park you will receive a map with these times.

Seal Show

You can encounter seals in the wild in the Oosterschelde and North Sea. Sometimes you see them from the park waiting for the flood barrier until a nice snack passes by. At Delta Park Neeltje Jans you can learn everything about these beautiful animals during the educational presentation. There are 4 common seals living in the seal enclosure of Delta Park.

During the show, the animal keepers, together with the seals, demonstrate various subjects such as natural behavior, food, but the seals will also perform beautiful jumps. These acrobatics help the seals to escape predators in their natural environment. You will hear this and many more interesting facts during this educational presentation.

The times of the presentation can be found on the park floor plan that you receive at the ticket office of the park.

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