Swimming with the sharks

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before participating. If on arrival it appears that the conditions cannot be met, the participant will be denied participation and there is no possibility of a refund.

Have you always wanted to swim with sharks? And did you think this was only possible in far away, tropical places? Then we have some good news for you!

It is now possible for everyone, of any age, to swim and even feed them under professional supervision and in a specially designed diving cage.

Package content:

You will receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Bluereef Aquarium Zeeland led by one of our expert animal caretakers. Here you get a look at the nursery of the sharks and rays and an explanation of the different animals that live in our aquariums. We will also tell you about the quarantine where new, injured or sick animals are staying.

Then the real “work” begins; feeding the sharks! The animal caretakers will assist you with feeding these fascinating animals. You will be wearing a wetsuit with a diving mask to feed the different types of sharks with a pair of tongs. For the welfare of our animals, it is strictly forbidden to enter our aquarium with your own equipment.

Price: € 60 p.p. (excluding required valid entrance ticket)

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Minimum age is 8 years. Children up to 12 years old must be accompanied by a participating adult. An adult participant may accompany a maximum of 1 participating child. The participant;

– This programm does not include a required valid entrance ticket;

– Speaks and understands Dutch or English;

– Can kneel independently;

– Is in possession of a swimming diploma, can swim well;

– Has no cardiovascular disease;

– Is not pregnant;

– Has no intellectual or physical disability, autism or related syndromes, or epilepsy;

– Do not take medications that suppress resistance or negatively affect the ability to drive;

– Has no infectious skin problems and / or external inflammation.


Important to know

The water temperature of the aquarium in which to swim is around 24 degrees. This seems quite warm, but when you stand here for a while, you can get cold. We will therefore lend you a wetsuit. You pay € 25,- deposit for this. You will of course get this back when you return the wetsuit. The suit is handed to you at the park information desk. This can be found immediately after the park entrance. Make sure you are present at least 30 minutes before the start.

Bring your own

You can wear your normal swimwear under the wetsuit. It is also handy to bring water shoes or slippers so you can wear them under your wetsuit. After the arrangement, you will have the opportunity to rinse off the salt water under the shower. So don’t forget your towel.

Water quality

The water quality of the aquarium is always closely monitored by the animal keepers. To ensure that the quality remains as good as possible for the sharks, we would like to ask you not to wear cosmetic products such as make-up, body lotion, hairspray and gel.

Swimming with the sharks

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