Guided tour to the storm surge barrier

A visit to the exterieur of the storm surge barrier is possible and is included in the “All in ticket”. Book a private tour for your party now for €135 per 50 people.

Of course you already know that Zeeland and a large part of the Netherlands lie below sea level. In 1953 the dykes were in bad shape and also much too low. The odds of a serious flooding was once per 80 years. Thanks to the storm surge barrier these odds have been lowered to less than once per 4000 years. At Deltapark Neeltje Jans, you can view the exterior of this immense construction together with a skilled guide. Here you will be able to experience from near by the force of the water as it rushes by . The Expo “Zeeland safe” is located in the exhibion in Deltaplaza.

You start the tour in the exhibition and the guide will inform you about all the “ins & outs” pertaining to the construction of this masterpiece of engineering.

Guided tour about the storm surge barrier

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