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Looking for a fun and educational school trip in Zeeland? Going on an educational adventure with all your classmates? Book an extra excursion about the Delta Works or a nature excursion! Come to Deltapark Neeltje Jans, spend a whole day enjoying and learning about marine animals, splashing attractions and learning all about the Delta Works, Oosterschelde National Park and the 1953 flood disaster! Deltapark Neeltje Jans is located in the best location in Zeeland, in the middle of Oosterschelde National Park, surrounded by the beautiful Zeeland countryside.

Deltapark Neeltje Jans is the excursion for primary, secondary and higher education. For every learning level, Deltapark has a broad programme to offer. From a sea lion show to a presentation on the construction of the storm surge barrier. Eye-to-eye with tropical sharks or spotting porpoises and seals during the tour of the Oosterschelde. Deltapark is the most fun and educational outing for any age group. Because education is paramount at Deltapark Neeltje Jans, we charge very favourable rates for schools and the entrance fee is €13.50 p.p. until 31 December 2024.

Please note, the minimum number of participants required for the ‘Delightful Delta Park’ package is 20. The same pupil rate applies to supervisors and teachers.

We ask you to bring enough supervisors.

Winter season opening days

November – Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Holidays – 23 Dec to 7 Jan

February – Spring break 10 February to 25 February

March – Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

April – Start Summer season open 7 days a week

School ticket

Booking a school trip with us is possible! We offer an “all-in ticket” for your school group/class.

Ticket contents:

  • Entrance to the park: You have access to all shows with the animals, sights and attractions.
  • Oosterschelde National Park round trip: The group is welcome on one of the regular round trips on Oosterschelde National Park. Maybe you will spot a seal or a porpoise during this delightful cruise on the ship the “Christiaan B”.
  • Visit all exhibitions and films: Learn more about the flood disaster and the construction of the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier.
  • Free parking: Parking is also included in this “all-in ticket”.

Book an additional guided tour of the exhibition and walk and learn more about the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier with an expert guide. Based on the “Zeeland safe” exhibition, you will learn all about the creation of this masterpiece. You can also take a very close look at the barrier. From the shore, you can see the power of the water from up close as it rushes into the barrier at enormous speed. This addition can be booked as an option. Rates are: €110 per guide for special, primary and secondary schools (maximum 40 people per guide). For higher education, the rate is €135 per guide (maximum 50 people per guide).

Contact us for a tour of the Neeltje Jans nature reserve, this tour takes longer and can be combined with the guided tour or with an educational teaching programme.

School lunches

Having a nice lunch together? Then book one of our lunches for the whole group now.

School lunch Bobbie: € 8.75 p.p. (only for school groups and booking in advance).

  • French Fries with mayonaise
  • Croquette, frikadel sausage or cheese soufflé
  • Water or soft drink
  • Popsicle or a piece of fruit
  • The ‘Delicious Delta Park’ package includes this lunch.

School lunch Sharky: € 5.50 p.p. (only for school groups and reservation in advance).

  • Chips with mayo
  • Capri Sun or water

School lunch Healthy: € 7.95 p.p. (only for school groups and advance booking).

  • Soft brown bun with cheese
  • Currant bun
  • Capri Sun or water
  • Piece of fruit

Would you like a more elaborate lunch? Ask us about the options and we will send more information.

The “Wonderful Delta Park” package

Do you want a completely planned day? Then book our school arrangement.

The “Wonderful Delta Park” package € 24,75 p.p.

  • Entrance to the park
  • Guided tour of the ‘Zeeland safe’ exhibition and around the storm surge barrier
  • Boat trip through the Oosterschelde National Park
  • French Fries with mayonaise
  • Croquette, frikadel sausage or cheese soufflé
  • Water or soft drink
  • Popsicle or a piece of fruit




School trip & excursion

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