300.000 liters of water!

In the largest aquarium of Zeeland

Bluereef Aquarium Zeeland

In the Bluereef aquarium building of Deltapark Neeltje Jans, you will find the largest saltwater aquarium in Zeeland. This tank, filled with 300.000 liters of heated Oosterschelde water, is the home of a variety of tropical sharks such as the Whitetip shark, Blacktip Reef Shark the Sharptooth houndshark, but also other different species of tropical fish such as the clownfish, known from the cartoon Finding Nemo.

During one of the interactive presentations, you will learn more about the lives of the animals in this aquarium. For example, there will be talks about the most well-known species of sharks that are found in the various seas and how they are actually not dangerous at all, which many people think they are. Did you know that a Blacktip Reef Shark always has to swim to get oxygen? But how does this shark sleep then?

Come to the presentation or book a guided tour behind the scenes of the Bluereef Aquarium and discover the amazing underwater world.

Bluereef Aquarium Zeeland

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