Water Park + Attractions

Water Playground and Aquasplash

Water playground from 30st of March 2018

Water is an inexhaustible source of pleasure. People use it to swim, surf and sail. In winter we ski and skate on frozen water. Water is a toy that never becomes boring. Our water playground has to be the best one you will ever visit. You can create your own waterfall, model the bed of a stream, operate sluices and try to stay on your feet, walking across shifting, musical stones. You can pump water using the treadmill or try turning an old-fashioned Archimedean screw. All this with just clean, salt water from the Eastern Scheldt. Who can stay dry longest?

Panoramaview Waterplayground

Water Slide

water slide from 30st of March 2018

Water played an important part in the world of the ancient gods and heroes of mythology. Mamacocha, goddess of the Incas, causes water to spring from the earth and creates lakes and seas. Her son Puquio is the source of all springs. Neptune is the Roman god of the sea. The Greeks called him Poseidon. Shiva, a Hindu god, brought the Ganges to earth. Kids know that it’s true – water is there to play in. Try rushing down our water slide!

Hurricane Simulator

Hurricane Simulator from 30st of March 2018

When the air moves we call it wind. Wind force 1 shivers the leaves on the trees. Wind force 12 will blow you off your bicycle and make it difficult to walk. Even when the weather outside is sunny, without a breath of wind, the hurricane machine at Neeltje Jans will let you experience a storm any day of the week!