Tour Bluereef Aquarium Zeeland

In the Bluereef aquarium, you’ll come across many types of animals; from tropical sharks to seahorses and lobsters. In order to give all these animals a good home, the animal caregivers work hard every day to ensure, for example, that the water quality is optimal and that each animal is fed properly.

During the tour of the Bluereef aquarium, the animal caretakers will take you along the nursery. Here you can see how the young sharks and stingrays are raised. You will also get a look at the quarantine and receive an explanation of the filtration. The highlight of this special tour is the visit above the largest aquarium. From up-close, you’ll see the sharks and rays swimming near you.

Prices & times

A behind the scenes tour of the Bluereef aquarium is open daily from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Reservations can be made upon arrival at the park’s information desk. The cost is € 3.50 p.p.

Tour Bluereef Aquarium Zeeland

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