Swimming with Sharks

Now it is possible for everybody to swim with sharks! In a specially designed cage and under professional supervision it is possible to swim amongst sharks and even feed them underwater.

Package includes:

An exclusive tour behind the scenes of the Bluereef Aquarium guided by one of our professional caregivers. Here you will see the shark maternity ward, explanation about quarantining the animals and how the filtration system works.

Entering the underwater cage wearing a wet suit, mask and snorkel, the caregivers will assist you in feeding the sharks with specially designed feeding thongs.


Adults and children ages 8 and up: € 55,- per person.


Children of the age 8 to 10 must be accompanied by a participating adult at all times. You need to be at least 1.20 meters tall and a swimming certificate is required.

This package does not include park admission.

For more information and reservations call +31 111 655 663.